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Digital Food & Beverage 2020 Innovation Briefing

Food and beverage markets have reached an inflection point, as consumer demand for wellness and sustainability are changing the way brands engage their customers. Now, digital channels are becoming more critical as consumers research ingredients, learn about brands and buy food and beverage products online. With this in mind, brands are under additional pressure to transform in-store experiences, and reduce the carbon footprint of their physical operations as well. In the report, we explore how leading brands Impossible Foods, Kroger, Wegmans, White Claw and McDonald’s are embracing new strategies, technologies and partnerships to improve their products and customer experience.

B2B & B2C: The Roadmap to Omnichannel with Intelligentsia Coffee

Matt Riddle of Intelligentsia Coffee is here to share how he helped Intelligentsia do just that by discussing hurdles, challenges, and key wins in our webinar dedicated to eCommerce and digital marketing innovators in the food and beverage industry. Matt’s already successfully navigated so many landmines in their transformation. He’s assessed his tech options (both legacy and new) and internal change culture to align the business objectives to their transformation roadmap. He will speak to the importance of exec alignment and support, and how that was critical to their efforts. Additionally he’ll share:Intelligentsia’s omnichannel roadmapThe systems needed to support the business strategyThe key challenges specific to the food and bev industryHow to juggle both B2B & B2C demands, creating a seamless experience for both sets of customersSpeakers:Matt Riddle, Director of Systems & Strategy, Intelligentsia CoffeeAmanda F. Batista, Head of Global Content Marketing, Magento Commerce

What Does It Take To Disrupt A Market?

Today's leading global brands are coming under threat from a range of competitors from all directions. New opportunities, stemming from changes in consumer behavior, are now often being met by new, fast-growing insurgent brands or conversely local businesses with a closer connection to their consumers.

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