Get The Inside Scoop Directly From Attendees


Peter Cassidy, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Stackla

“It’s great to see a committed and eclectic group of people. It’s a quite intimate event where people feel friendly and open to interact with each other…people from all different industries, learning from each other not competitively, but in a really collaborative way.”


Matthew Baron, CEO, Gourmet Nuts and Dry Fruit

“What I like about the networking opportunities here is finding other people who are in online foods – finding out what works for them and what’s new and interesting in the industry and ways I can contribute.

“The sessions and roundtables are really useful; you get to go right up against the moderator who has a depth of information, and can really get a sense of what’s coming next. And when you ask direct questions, you get direct answers. “


Liz Butts, CEO, Sprinkle Pop

“One of the biggest lessons I learned at the conference is that Amazon really is king. Hearing it from these executives and very successful businesses here has given me that “aha” moment, as well as the energy to help me grow my Amazon channel.

“I think it’s a great idea to come to Digital Food & Beverage -- even if you’re a small company, you can implement the knowledge you learn here later on and grow your digital business for the long-term.”


Jim Simon, Founder, JimmyBar!

“I would highly recommend coming here because you’re not going to be able to get this much access to this many technology companies, all under one roof. And a lot of the tech companies are here to support small and mid-sized businesses.

“Digital Food & Beverage – you must be here if you want to scale fast online!”


Evan Holod, CEO, Michel Et Augustin

“Our main goal coming to the conference was to learn how small brands, like ours, can use ecommerce and digital tools to more effectively to compete with larger players in our space.”

“From this conference, I’ve learned some of the more unique tools that players like Amazon offer…and some of the ways that brands and agencies have developed more tools that will allow us to expand our business much more rapidly and efficiently.”