‘The attendees were great. The round tables were the highlight of the week.’

Matthew Baron's Story At a Glance

Gourmet Nuts and Dried Fruit

First Year Attended: 2019

How He’s Participated: Attendee

Conference Highlights: Good conference to network with others in the food industry. The roundtables were a great platform to dig deeper into some of the more pressing issues.

There is a definite need for an event like this in the industry…

This was my first time attending a WBR conference and I was impressed with the seamless organization. There is big need in the food and beverage industry for more events like this where the focus is on content and networking.

The Roundtables were my opportunity to learn from my peers….

My main goal in attending any event is to learn – learn about the currently challenges to advancement, technological solutions available in the market, networking with other business owners.

I found that the roundtables were where the conversations really started and continued into the networking sessions. It gave the participants an opportunity to open up about their goals and the conversation flowed from there.

The highlight of the event for me was…

Learning about the limitations of drugs and alcohol in the food industry. It was an interesting presentation and one that you don’t often hear about.

I took a bunch of notes at the event but I’m really looking forward to maintaining the connections from the event. The conversations need to continue outside of the conference to really help the industry grow as a whole.

I’d like to continue to be part of this event!

I see a lot of potential for this conference to really bring together the food and beverage industry and become a platform for exchanging strategies and finding solutions to challenges. And I’d like to be part of that growth!