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July 20 - 22, 2020

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At Digital Food & Beverage we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular articles and case studies.

Peapod's New Innovation Lab & Digital Media Platform

As an online-only brand, Peapod can gather purchase history data on all its customers - not just those using loyalty card schemes like its brick-and-mortar equivalents - and can use this information to deliver up-to-the-minute bespoke advertising.

Unilever's New Digital Marketing Strategy Includes Trusted Publishers

As one of the world's biggest umbrella brands, Unilever has the power and influence to combat some of these negative parts of digital marketing. With a marketing budget which numbers in the billions, if not trillions, it can use its clout to dictate certain terms to those it chooses to do business with.

PepsiCo's SnackBots Helps the Brand Create Mobile Vending Machines

Snackbots enable busy students to order snack foods using their smartphones.The Snackbot uses facial and voice recognition software to confirm the identity of the customer - adding a nice level of interaction between consumer and robot - and then opens its storage compartment so they can retrieve their order.

Lowes Foods Customers Content with "Small Data" and Home Delivery

Small data involves Lowes Foods representatives actually going out and meeting with customers in their homes and speaking with them to learn more about what they want, need, and expect from the brands they choose to shop with.

Content Marketing Is Helping HelloFresh Create a Culture of Innovation

The core of this strategy is a bespoke blog dedicated to reporting on the various technology-based innovations and related goings on behind the scenes at HelloFresh. The Medium-powered blog is named HelloTech, and reports on everything from celebrating diversity in STEM subjects to innovative business practices such as Agile.

Kroger and Microsoft Are Building Amazon-Beating Smart Supermarkets

The main principle behind the idea revolves around smart shelves. Each product label on Kroger shelves will be replaced with a small digital screen. Ahead of their shopping trip, Kroger customers create a shopping list in the Kroger smartphone app. They then choose an emoticon icon from a list which is attached to their profile.

Sweetgreen: "Most Innovative Company" by Fast Company Magazine

Working in partnership with US healthy eating advocate and non-profit FoodCorps, Sweetgreen is encouraging children to get hands-on with their food by experimenting with different sauces, spices, and flavor combinations, and to learn more about how food is produced, and how balanced and healthy meals are prepared.

Onnit's New Marketing Partnerships are a Foray into the Chinese Market

Onnit is partnering with China's second largest ecommerce platform JD Worldwide to facilitate this move. By partnering with JD, Onnit instantly gives itself access to a lucrative market with disposable income to spend

Crowd Cow Wants to Change Meat Buying by Bring You Closer to Farmers

Crowd Cow's mission is to "create an alternative to the current meat commodity system, and to create a meaningful connection between the farmer and the customer, so people can know and appreciate exactly where their food comes from.

Anheuser-Busch's Digital Strategy: Artificial Intelligence, Data, and More

In the fields where the barley is grown which will eventually be brewed into delicious beer, Anheuser-Busch uses AI-powered drones to predict crop yields and decide on optimum harvest times. This swarm of robotic devices works tirelessly to ensure the grain which goes into Anheuser-Busch's premium beverage products is of the very best quality

How Walmart is Using Recently Acquired Jet to Propel Its Ecommerce Strategy

Walmart has somewhat lagged behind some of its competitors when it comes to ecommerce, relying instead on its network of physical stores to remain relevant. However, with its recent acquisition of ecommerce platform Jet, the company is changing things up.

Coca-Cola's New AI-Driven Omnichannel Strategy

Artificial intelligence is driving many of the digital initiatives being pushed forward in today's industries, and Coca-Cola is using the technology to drive its own unique purchasing experiences

How HelloFresh is Using Big Data to Cater to the Grocery Needs of Its Global Community

Big data is a major driving force in almost every industry on the planet in 2018, and meal box delivery service HelloFresh is using it to cook up some great home dining experiences for their customers

How GrubHub Is Leveraging New Tech To Change How We Order Takeout

Digital takeout ordering systems have taken off in a big way in recent years. However, US trailblazer Grubhub isn't resting on its laurels, and is looking for new technology to further improve the experience for its customers