Digital Food & Beverage 2021

July 20 - 21, 2021

DAY THREE, WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, 2019: Back to the Future

8:00 am - 9:50 am Continental Breakfast & Registration for All Attendees

9:00 am - 9:05 am Welcome Remarks

Jonathan Massoud, Divisional Director & Market Analyst at WBR

Jonathan Massoud

Divisional Director & Market Analyst

9:05 am - 9:20 am Chairperson’s Remarks

Jeff Wells, Senior Editor at Grocery Dive

Jeff Wells

Senior Editor
Grocery Dive

9:20 am - 9:40 am FIRESIDE CHAT Rising Tides: How Are Industry Dynamics Shifting and What It Means to Survive and Thrive in Digital F&B

The meteoric growth of meal kits has begun to plateau while click and collect’s growth has added some sparkling numbers to the board.  The golden age of growth for all seems to have waned as certain business models have proved unworkable and consumer tastes have changed.  This session will consider what growth in 2019 and beyond looks like, and the questions we all have been contemplating in our heart of hearts.
•In 20 years will there only be the few big companies dominating the space or is there still space for disruption?   
•How are food entrepreneurs spotting disruption and making investment decisions?

Guilherme Lebelson, Global VP of eCommerce and General Partner at AB Inbev/ZX Ventures

Guilherme Lebelson

Global VP of eCommerce and General Partner
AB Inbev/ZX Ventures

Tim Madigan, Vice President eCommerce at Tyson Foods

Tim Madigan

Vice President eCommerce
Tyson Foods

9:40 am - 10:00 am CASE STUDY | Changing the Forward Path for a Traditionally Difficult Online Category

The alcohol category is traditionally under-developed in e-commerce due to complex laws, low awareness of online availability, poor online shopping experiences, and lack of retailer promotion of the category.  However, alcohol should be a leading e-commerce category for retailers, due to high margins, higher basket sizes, and strong demographic alignment with e-commerce shoppers. 
Join  Karen to take a peek at the bright outlook for growth in this category, and take inspiration for growing your category, as she shares how E. & J. Gallo Winery is working with retailers to improve category visibility, awareness, and the shopping experience.
Karen Mizell, Director, Digital & eCommerce Sales at E&J Gallo Winery

Karen Mizell

Director, Digital & eCommerce Sales
E&J Gallo Winery

For many retailers, e-commerce comprises less than 10% of revenue but is the fastest growing piece of the business.  This discussion will seek to uncover how several retailers are viewing their channels holistically (or separately) and structuring expectations for a continued e-commerce expansion.
Jeff Wells, Senior Editor at Grocery Dive

Jeff Wells

Senior Editor
Grocery Dive

James T. McLaughlin Jr., CEO & President at Intelligentsia Coffee

James T. McLaughlin Jr.

CEO & President
Intelligentsia Coffee

Ethelbert Williams, Head of eCommerce at The Boston Beer Company

Ethelbert Williams

Head of eCommerce
The Boston Beer Company

Damon Sloane, Vice President, eCommerce at DAVIDsTEA

Damon Sloane

Vice President, eCommerce

10:40 am - 11:20 am Morning Refreshments & Networking Break

While the industry waits to see Amazon’s next moves with Fresh, Go, and Whole Foods, there is still the classic Amazon question of advertising spend to consider.  If you view Amazon as a retail platform first and foremost, the size of F&B business is relatively small, so it would make sense to limit your spend.  However, given the 200M+ American users on the platform, the opportunities for brand presence are undeniable.  Which way are our panelists choosing to go, and why?  Join us to find out!  
•If we continue to spend on amazon and fueling its growth are we ultimately hurting ourselves?  
•What channels have you prioritized over when it comes to advertising spend?
Jie Cheng, Head of Digital & eCommerce, Campbell Snacks at Campbell Soup Company

Jie Cheng

Head of Digital & eCommerce, Campbell Snacks
Campbell Soup Company

Liza Maschi, Director of Business Development at Danone

Liza Maschi

Director of Business Development

Stephanie Leffler, CEO at OneSpace

Stephanie Leffler


Evan Holod, CEO, USA at Michel et Augustin

Evan Holod

Michel et Augustin

Jeff Wells, Senior Editor at Grocery Dive

Jeff Wells

Senior Editor
Grocery Dive

12:00 pm - 12:20 pm FIRESIDE CHAT Now, Next, and Future: What’s Next Because We Have to Start Thinking About It Now

AI, machine learning, IoT, etc. - veteran e-commerce professionals have a sense of current and upcoming trends  You know what now and next look like.  Here’s a time and place to discuss what needs to get added to your planner, so you can start preparing. 
  • What’s going to be the future? 
  • What is future state?  
Marissa Duswalt Epstein, Director at UT Nutrition Institute

Marissa Duswalt Epstein

UT Nutrition Institute

Chloe Sorvino, Staff Writer at Forbes

Chloe Sorvino

Staff Writer

12:20 pm - 1:20 pm Lunch for All Attendees with Roundtables by Company Maturity

What will you remember most about the time you spent at Digital Food & Beverage, and how will it impact your work moving forward? Enjoy one more chance to connect with your fellow attendees and take the critical step of exchanging key takeaways before you go back out into the world. Key takeaways will be noted from the discussion and distributed with the presentations post-event.